Saturday, September 4, 2010


"Why did you tell him?" Nate was with Fiona right now in her bed. She was being crazy, he guessed. It wasn't that entertaining. But she was there for him when Riley obviously wasn't. Really, he'd been devastated about the whole thing with Riley.

First they were great together. It had been perfectly awesome. Then he had to go thinking about his homophobic reality. And before he knew it, Riley beat him up. Told him he never wanted to lay eyes on him again. It was like he had a total different personality.

Nate had gone through a lot of pain with Riley, but Fiona had been there, like a best friend. He hoped they were best friends. It felt that way.

Then this. It was more than just some rich girl buying him things. Expecting him to go shopping with her nonstop. Things were getting so warm with Fiona. They even got matching tattoos. A butterfly on the small of her back and his on his upper hip. Of course, she was a little drunk when they got them. He'd wanted something a little more original like a black heart or maybe their initials. But she kept saying it had to be something about "Being free..." She was pretty silly about it. And they'd laughed so much. Now he had to look in a mirror just to find his tattoo.

"Oh, come on." Fiona rolled her eyes then. She had him all to herself. She slapped her laptop shut, and found his tattoo right away. She kissed his troubles into oblivion. It was her way of showing him that she didn't want to be alone.

"But you said you wanted to keep it a secret." He reminded her. "You didn't want Holly J to know."

"I don't care." She touched his abs then. Looked up into his eyes. "She's ruining her life with Sav. No way will my brother ever want her back." She pulled him in. Yes, he wasn't going anywhere. He was with Fiona now.


ellie said...

oh..thats an interesting combination.

ivyoaks said...

who would have thunk it????

meg said...

I just wonder how bossy she is.