Wednesday, September 8, 2010

as if

"Why do you care, what Fiona is doing with your old boyfriend?" Peter had coffee waiting for Riley at the new DOT. He was waiting for Zane. Peter took the opportunity to make plans with Riley for a roadtrip. Really, they needed to get away. He still wanted Riley even if it looked like he didn't.

That was one of the rules, never tell anyone their true feelings for each other. Yes, he had it bad for Riley. It was just he couldn't exactly have any fun with him around here where everyone knew them. And besides, he loved keeping this a secret. It just made things hotter between them when they did get away.

Zane might have Riley's boyfriend, but Peter was his lover.

"Ex." Riley gave Peter a serious glare. "EX."

"Whatever." He went to get Riley a danish. "You have to get past it."

"Kind of the way you get past Zane?" Riley wouldn't stop being serious.

"Yeah, I know there is nothing really going on between you too. Its just for looks. He's like the Gay Pride Poster Boy." Peter winced.

"Look, I really don't want to hurt him. I-I like our relationship. Me and Zane." Riley put more cream in his coffee.

"You expect me to believe that when-when its just you and me?" Peter pressed his lips tight.

Zane passed by then and Riley sucked in a breath. Peter turned away from Riley and acted as if he wasn't there. It was as if they'd never even had this conversation.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


"Why did you tell him?" Nate was with Fiona right now in her bed. She was being crazy, he guessed. It wasn't that entertaining. But she was there for him when Riley obviously wasn't. Really, he'd been devastated about the whole thing with Riley.

First they were great together. It had been perfectly awesome. Then he had to go thinking about his homophobic reality. And before he knew it, Riley beat him up. Told him he never wanted to lay eyes on him again. It was like he had a total different personality.

Nate had gone through a lot of pain with Riley, but Fiona had been there, like a best friend. He hoped they were best friends. It felt that way.

Then this. It was more than just some rich girl buying him things. Expecting him to go shopping with her nonstop. Things were getting so warm with Fiona. They even got matching tattoos. A butterfly on the small of her back and his on his upper hip. Of course, she was a little drunk when they got them. He'd wanted something a little more original like a black heart or maybe their initials. But she kept saying it had to be something about "Being free..." She was pretty silly about it. And they'd laughed so much. Now he had to look in a mirror just to find his tattoo.

"Oh, come on." Fiona rolled her eyes then. She had him all to herself. She slapped her laptop shut, and found his tattoo right away. She kissed his troubles into oblivion. It was her way of showing him that she didn't want to be alone.

"But you said you wanted to keep it a secret." He reminded her. "You didn't want Holly J to know."

"I don't care." She touched his abs then. Looked up into his eyes. "She's ruining her life with Sav. No way will my brother ever want her back." She pulled him in. Yes, he wasn't going anywhere. He was with Fiona now.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

another lonely night

A crash of thunder woke Riley up. He was alone and he hated that fact. Why was he still living at home? Even so, storms scared him even if he'd never dare mention it to Zane. After all, wasn't Riley the macho one?

He smiled about that, thinking of Zane. He really wanted to call him right now, but it was too late. He checked his cell. It was almost 3 in the morning and the rain was coming down hard.

He went to his laptop and saw that Fiona was on. Why had he kept her as one his contacts. He yawned not thinking much about her. He was way past those days. No need to even act like he needed a girl in his life. After all there was Anya. Hadn't she taken Wesley under her wing?

There was more pounds of thunder then. Maybe it was an airplane. Kind of hard to tell, but it was so annoying. He sent Fiona a message.

Riley: u can't sleep either?

Fiona: so.

Was that all he was going to get from her?

Riley: u should be in bed.

Fiona: Maybe I am. =D

Riley: Honestly, Bitch I don't give a fuck.

Fiona: You're the one's who's being a fuck, bastard.

Riley: Fi, I thought we were over this.

Fiona: u started it.

Riley: did not.

Fiona: did too.

Riley: What's really going on? Are u drunk?

Fiona: Yeah, I'm the crazy drunk girl, didn't u know.

Riley. UR pathetic.

Fiona: Look, if I tll u smtn will u stp bothrn me?

Riley: Guess.

Riley stared at the screen waiting for something big. Something juicy. Like she really was sleeping with her brother or something.

Fiona: I've been hangn out with Nate. Shhhhhh....dnt tell anyone.

Riley: That's it?

Riley winced then. Nate, the soccer dude he hooked  up with that one time. OK, it might have been more than once. But they both were pretty inexperienced. OK, the guy had fantastic lips. How could he forget him like that, really? Riley rolled his eyes. Those two together? They wouldn't have a clue to know what to do with each other.